Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tree-Blogging Map -- Day Three

Quite the growth on the tree.  And quite a few discoveries.

For example, Tumblr which thrives on the concept of "reblogging" makes it notoriously difficult to comment on posts or indicate links forward.  You can embed "click-through links," but unless you enable a third party discussion application (e.g. Ask, Disqus, etc.) on your Tumblr blog, posting a link forward is difficult.  It helps if you link your Tumblr blog to Twitter and use the #treeblog in the caption or early in the post.

In general, Twitter (with the #treeblog or #treeblogging hashtag) is a good blog promotion tool and back-up announcement for new contributions.  That said, this morning my Twitter searches keep timing out.  So.  I may have missed some work posted last night to or through Twitter. 

All of which to say, the tree may be growing in ways not immediately visible.  That happens, right?  If I've missed a branch or root, please let me know. 

TB Map Day 3                                                                   


  1. Not sure if we're still supposed to link to things here. My piece for today.

  2. I also followed on from Clockity's Fallen and Christi Nielsen's Zoo Factory with

  3. I found the links. You're on the map. :-)
    When in doubt, post an extra link wherever you think is appropriate.