Friday, January 14, 2011

Tree-Blogging Map -- Day Four

Interesting growth with new challenges for the cartographer!  For example, it took me a while to figure out how to create a link for a specific tweet with "New Twitter," but I eventually figured it out.

There's been some uncertainty about where to post links.  When in doubt, post a link where you think it is appropriate.  In your own post, post link(s) to the material(s) that inspired you.  But also post a link to your work at the locations on the internet where that inspiration resides.  It also helps to post a Tweet if you use Twitter with a link to your work and the # "treeblog" and/or "treeblogging."  Redundancy of links is not a problems if it helps us find your work.  It also helps me (with the less obvious reworkings) to figure out how you are placing your work in the tree. 

I think I caught up with yesterday's activity and the Wednesday posts that I missed.  Still, if you see errors in the map, let me know.

TB Map Day 4                                                                   


  1. OK. Here is my response. This is using Dee's footage here.

  2. Another wonderful project @Platea Team! I've been loving watching it unfold (& refold, & re-refold). The maps are excellent Jonny :) After a crazy busy week, I have finally contributed. You can check out my work - and links to those I reworked - here: