Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project VIII: Tree-Blogging, Final Map

And so we come to the end of our mapping of the Tree-Blog.  It grew quite a bit over the week, with several branches moving away from the tree theme (although that arboreal presence was never far behind).  The tree, of course, could keep growing even though our attempts to map it have come to an end.  Of course, even if inspirations aren't marked by links, those roots and branches have a way of working through our creative minds.

As always, if I missed any work that came in before the end of yesterday or any of the links in the map below are broken, let me know.  And please, feel free to share comments below about your experience with the tree. 

TB Map Day 5                                                                   


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  2. fabulous & fascinating
    love watching the tree morph
    one correction on day 5 joanie's contribution & mine (process as product) should be reversed; i was responding to her

  3. A quick note on that, neene. Position is less important in this map for determining who is responding to whom than the shape of the connector. Notice how the connector between nodes is narrower at one end and broader at the other? The later piece (the response) is at the wide end of the connector; the earlier pieces (the inspirations) are at the narrow end of the connector.

    You and Joanie (with assistance from me at Abstract Comics and fotochik at Tumblr) made a loop. Given all the other stuff going on in the map, even though your last piece is the final piece connecting that loop, it is not the furthest node out from the tree.

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to explain one of the protocols of the map. I don't think that aspect of the connectors and the relationship of pieces is immediately evident. I quickly learned in making the map that I needed something in the connectors to indicate the direction of relationship.