Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mrs Miniver and the #Plateaknits by Ingrid Murnane

No, it's not a new band...

Remember #plateaknit? Remember that I said that I would knit a full-instruction scarf from the archive of #plateaknit tweets?

Well, I did. Then I was asked to exhibit it and the other items which I'd made too.

I currently have an exhibition on at Prick Your Finger which is a brilliant and quirky yarn and haberdashery shop in Bethnal Green in London.

I'm showing both the Mrs Miniver series of socks which talk about relationships between people, and also the final pieces from the #plateaknit performance in January.

Setting up the Plateaknits © Giles Babbidge Photography

I went up to London last Wednesday to put the show up with lots of help from Giles who was also kind enough to document it all for me. Rachael and Louise and their shop staff were lovely and made us very welcome with cups of tea throughout the day and put on a great private view in the evening.

Mrs Miniver and the Plateaknits © Giles Babbidge Photography

The exhibition is on for the rest of April, with the #plateaknits in the window, so if you are in London, please do visit and let me know what you think.

As always, you can follow @platea on Twitter and Facebook and take part in discussions on Ravelry too. Check back on the blog soon for details of our coming performances!

PS My lovely chap, Giles took all of the photographs for me. Please do visit his blog here.