Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project VIII: Tree-Blogging -- A Brief Reminder on the Protocol

I will be posting the "trunk" material this evening at approximately 00:00:00 GMT.  Use this material to begin making your own work on whatever sites of your choosing.  There are no rules about how you use this material (from a spur for your own entirely original work to material that you collage/remix); we look forward to seeing how the ideas in the trunk branch out in different conceptual directions.

As a quick reminder, here is what you need to do/have to participate in the "Tree-Blogging" project:
  • Your “original” art in response to either the @Platea prompting material or art produced in the course of this project. The art can be in whatever form you can share on-line (text, image, video, sound, etc.). Create as many different works as you like.
  • A place (or places) to post your work: a microblog account, an image or video sharing account, a social networking account, and/or a blog. With the exception of microblogs (e.g. Twitter), this site should have a comments section so people can leave links-forward.
  • Link-Back. The ability to indicate with URLs or active hyperlinks where you got your inspiration(s) or material(s) you are sampling. In Twitter or other microblogs, you can either include a shortened URL or use the “reply” function.
  • Link-Forward. Be sure to leave a link to your work in the comments section of the site(s) where you found the material you are sampling. If you are using material shared in a Tweet or other microblog, you can use the “reply” function to Tweet your work.
Note: BOTH Link-Backs and Link-Forwards are important. Viewers and participants should be able to trace back or trace forward in the network of mutually inspired works.

Event Dates: Monday, January 10 to Friday, January 14.  (The end date is when @Platea will stop mapping the project; of course, there is nothing stopping anyone from continuing to grow this tree if they so choose.)

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