Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recently submitted your hope/dream/fear?

Join us on the hopes/dreams/fears Facebook group at

hopes/dreams/fears on Facebook

Then, gather your friends together and encourage them to participate in hopes/dreams/fears. Here's a sample blurb you can share out:

I'm participating in an online public art project and hope you can join. It's called "hopes/dreams/fears", and I hope you can join me. All you have to do is:

1. Fill out the form at

2. Join the hopes/dreams/fears Facebook group at

3. Wait to see yours and others' hopes, dreams and fears broadcast over the next month and a half in your Facebook feed.

"hopes/dreams/fears" began in New York City on June 12 during the FIGMENT NYC arts festival on Governor's Island and runs till the end of July with participants across the world. Members of online public art collective @Platea are gathering individuals' hopes, dreams and fears in the form of status update language (i.e., "Jessica hopes that she graduates with honors next year." "Fred fears he might lose his job due to the recession"). These will then be broadcast to a broader audience via a Facebook page, with the goal of uniting diverse groups via social media and offering a collective picture of communities' hopes, dreams and fears during this time of economic crisis and transition.

To learn more about @Platea, please visit

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