Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some More Co-Modify Performance Highlights! by Ingrid Murnane

Since we lifted the curtain on Sunday, there have been some marvellous things appearing on the web from members of @Platea. Co-Modify has inspired new and ingenious uses for some products, Brand Wars, and some brilliant ‘sponsored’ profile pictures. The members are performing on a range of social media sites and present their products in strikingly different ways, with a lot of time and effort. Here is just a taste of some of the things that have caught my eye during Co-Modify so far.

The Performers

Lego Street Art by Clockity

There have been some really excellent brand related profile pictures including this Lego street-art avatar from @clockity. His Lego sponsorship continues on Facebook where he has been taking themed quizzes. I loved his status update where he considered ‘Lego® Batman or Lego® Star Wars, which is better? There's only one way to find out... Fight...’

GinaS Forum Post from Ravelry. Used with permission.

In advocating the merits of her Samsung phone, @GinaS263 engaged in a brand war with @thatwaszen’s Nokia in an ongoing battle. Gina has also taken Samsung to the mean streets of Ravelry now and is extolling its virtues to the knitters there. Can’t wait to see who wins. Personally I think they should both make covers from Sirdar yarn for their phones: it’s what all the cool kids are doing…

Jim Litzinger continues to find new and inventive things to do with Aussie hair products and posted this great, if slightly dangerous video on Flickr and Facebook this morning. (Don't try this at home!! Jim is a professional Aussie-Hairstuff-Wrangler). He's also been tweeting recommendations for Australian recording artists (my fave so far: Olivia Newton-John's Xanadu). Nikki aka Runefox has also been searching for appropriately monikered songs and bands for her brand Twinings Tea. Track her progress on Tumblr.

Teabags by Freya_Bean

Nikki is proposing to make a collage from all of the teabag packets which she drinks in the duration of Co-Modify.

Pfizer ‘sponsoree’ Yael David has been sending us excellent medication advice all week on Facebook and Twitter. She provoked a great response with ‘In absence of Atarax, making schnitzel is a close second.’ The reply was ‘I'll try that before my next exam...awesome!’

Attracting the ‘Officials’

As mentioned in the blog yesterday, there are those participants that love and those that hate their brands, but what about the ‘sponsors’ who notice what is going on in Co-Modify…

Sharpie / Emotion by BuddhagirlAZ

@buddhagirlAZ has caught the attention of the official Sharpie spokesperson on Twitter who loved her simulated advertisement so much that they are now in regular conversation. Brilliant!

Since the start of Co-Modify, KFC has become a trending topic on Twitter. @kuromentarikku is very proud of his part in this!

Kurometarikku: If you are having trouble printing your KFC coupons at just keep trying, the kurometarikKu eFfeCt is straining the net!’

You might also notice the capitalisation in this tweet, which has become prominent in some status updates, often spelling out the brand name.


To-Do List by Joanie San Chirico

As Joanie mentioned in her post yesterday, the ongoing collaborations and exchanges between performers continue to come thick and fast and are often very funny. Joanie herself wrote a shopping list of other performers’ brands to see how many she could buy in Target and also made a TargetGrll doll at the behest of ‘her public on Facebook.’

As well as witty remarks between @stonefly and @Rainghirl about how Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment might help mend Adidas’s woeful profits, I’ve also noticed that some performers have been more subliminally influenced by others with tweets such as:

sortingtrolley: Whoah...suddenly I feel like knitting... RT @InnyM: Seems as If Rain stoppeD plAy so no picnic foR us.’

Keeping Up With it All

Well, that is going to be a mission for you! There have been lots more fantastic performances (including some kind of hug-fest between participants on Twitter that is going on as I type this!) Of course, there is an awful lot more going on than I have seen, or can tell you about here. The Steering Committee will continue to keep us up to date with the latest goings-on. It is also well worth taking a look at the @Platea Flickr pool, the @Platea Twitter Faves and the @Platea Facebook page too. Sadly, we won’t be able to capture absolutely everything that goes on, so if there is something that has really caught your eye let us know! The best ways to tell us about something you’d like to see in a blog post are by sending an @ or DM to @Platea or a Steering Committee member on Twitter or to email Please do leave your comments here too.

I for one can’t wait to see what happens next!


  1. You are probably planning this, but I'd love to see guest blogs from some of the artists profiling their projects...what struck them...etc.

  2. Indeed we are! Stay tuned for more on that.

  3. Thank-you so much for these summary posts. I'm trying to follow as much as I can, but I still miss stuff. These posts help me find pockets of Co-Modify that I miss and then, thanks to their networked status, I can follow to even more missed art.

    This is my first encounter with @Platea. Are your collective projects always this good?

    Thank-you -- and, well, curses upon you -- for providing such an excellent distraction during end of term grading!

  4. Hey thanks - that's quite a thing to say. We appreciate it!

    This is only our second project so far, but we hope future ones will be just as engaging. If you're interested in getting involved w/ the steering committee, don't hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, stay tuned for more.

  5. So that's what this is about? Seriously, it doesn't come across as Art in any way, shape or form to me. Seems more like Spam.

    All the companies mentioned have huge advertising budgets and viral ads have been around for years. I don't get this, and I don't like it, sorry. If some of you weren't also great people I'd be blocking your tweets SO HARD!


  6. Hi TheWilk2 - thanks for your comment. You make a very good point, and we'll be exploring this issue and others further in posts coming up this week. We welcome your dialogue.