Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project I: A Massively Multiperformer Online Social Media Statusing (MMOSMS)!

And now the big announcement you've all been waiting for - how to join @Platea! We're organizing a large scale online happening, a "statusing", so to speak, to occur at some point the week of March 23, and all it will take from you is a single tweet with super secret instructions.

Flaming Lips - Crowd
Photo by Pete Ashton on Flickr

To become truly massively multiperformer, we'll need your help! Here's how:

1. Join the group! Follow @platea on Twitter. You'll get updates on the statusing and a head's up on when it might occur (some time in the next few weeks!). The actual act will be a single tweet with super secret instructions for some point the week of March 23.

2. Tell your friends! Tweet and retweet. We're trying to amass a massively multiperformer team of 500 to 1,000 (or more!) super secret sweet ninjas together to make this pop!

3. Help out! If you want to help organize or have other ideas for the group, send a DM to @platea.

4. Stay tuned! Be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for updates from the @Platea feed. The statusing will go down some time in the next few weeks, but in the mean time, be sure to check out our snazzy new blog and Facebook group.

yellow crowd
Photo by TwOsE on Flickr

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